Won’t It Just Be Compers Entering My Competition?

The number 1 question we are asked, all the time, is ‘won’t it just be armchair compers entering my competition’.

Have you thought the same? Has it put you off running a competition on social media?

It shouldn’t.

Firstly, the definition of an armchair comper: Someone who sits in front of their computer/tablet/phone all day entering hundreds of competitions at a time.

Why should you avoid targeting these people?

Simply put, you shouldn’t.

If you run a B2C company (Business to Consumer) then the chances are these people are your target customer.

We look after the social media for many retail companies who’s target audience is the UK consumer. We’ve run competitions for wine companies, gift companies, clothing retailers, art and craft sellers and holiday companies to name but a few.

If there is an armchair comper out there who is never in the market for a gift or clothing then I would like to meet them!

Many of these compers share the competitions they enter. That means they are engaging with your brand. They are sharing your content to their friends and contacts and in turn are making a positive impact on your social signal. If those friends and contacts then share your competition further then the word is spreading about your company.

Did you know that so many compers are also influential bloggers? How amazing would it be for one of these bloggers to love your business and products so much that they post about them on their blog or even better, a video!? Who doesn’t love some free promotion?

So many of our clients report a spike in online sales when they run a competition. This is down to the fact that these compers see your products and potentially visit your website when they may never have heard of you before!

Never has a company we have worked with complained about increased traffic to their social media pages, a rise in audience numbers, an enlarged reach and more visits to their website.

Don’t forget that armchair compers are just a percentage, there will be your existing audience who see and enter your competition but there will also be others who have come across your pages too.

So, in conclusion, if you are thinking of running a social media competition but keep getting second thoughts, ignore them and just go for it. Make sure you don’t make any mistakes though. Get it right and you’ll be wondering why you hadn’t run one sooner.

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