Why Social Media Marketing is right for your business

If you run a business you may already have a presence on social media, great start! Do you post regularly though? If not you could be in need of social media marketing help.

The impact of having a social media page for your business with little to no content can do more harm to your business than having no social media presence at all. Social Media Marketing is so important, whatever industry you’re in. It gives you a tone of voice, it improves your SEO (search engine optimisation) and it can increase your business database too. 

Lets set the scene. You’re on a weekend break and are looking for somewhere to go for dinner that evening. You find a local restaurant online, on your phone, and go to take a look at their Facebook page. You want to see what sort of feedback they’re getting, what their food looks like, or even view a menu. You find their page but can clearly see that there have been no posts in months. What does this make you think?

Maybe they have closed down.

Maybe their food isn’t very good

The local community aren’t interacting with them so will we be the only ones eating there?

This doesn’t look good does it? It would make me move on to somewhere else straight away with no more consideration for their restaurant.

social media marketing

Now if they didn’t have a Facebook page in the first place I would have maybe given them the benefit of the doubt or would have perhaps googled them to find out more, but they haven’t, and I have a bad feeling so I move on to somewhere visibly popular that looks enticing.

If they were posting regularly on their Facebook page, it would be a completely different story. I would be able to visualise the place, check to see if there was something I fancied on the menu, double check their opening times and even contact them to book a table. I’d have the impression that they are proud of their food and that they enjoy interacting with their customers and locals.

The moral of the story here is to not do things halfheartedly. Don’t set up your page, post a few posts and then leave it be, assuming it’s enough. Social media may seem like a laborious task but it is as important as keeping your venue clean and tidy, as important as answering the phone to enquiries and as important as closing a sale.

Think how many more ‘sales’ you could close on social media with an active business page or pages.

The example in this blog is just that, an example, it applies to all areas of business, retail, the service industry etc. Don’t let your business be passed by. If you haven’t got the time or knowledge to keep the momentum going then contact us, that’s what we are here for. We can be your Social Media Manager.

Comment below with your social media links so we can take a look at your pages, we’d love to see what you do.

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