Social Media Competition Mistakes

Social Media Competition Mistakes – Don’t Make Them!

On a daily basis we come across business running competitions on their social media pages. Some have completely nailed it whereas others, bless them, have failed from the minute they posted the competition.

Here are the top 10 social media competition mistakes we see everyday: Continue reading “Social Media Competition Mistakes – Don’t Make Them!”

How To Run A Facebook Competition

You’ve probably realised by now that we know our stuff when it comes to running social media competitions. How to run a Facebook competition is something we get asked A LOT.

To make things super easy for everyone, we’ve created a handy infographic – I say we, Simon had nothing to do with it, it was all me 🙂 I’m the creative one! Continue reading “How To Run A Facebook Competition”

Top 10 Motivational Quotes For New Business

Top 10 Motivational Quotes for New Businesses

So many people dream about setting up and running their own business but so few actually grab the bull by the horns and do it. Here are my Top 10 Motivational Quotes for New Businesses, they should keep you powering through when you’re having a down day!

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Social Media Competitions

Why do so many businesses run social media competitions?

Who doesn’t love a freebie? We’ve all heard the phrase ‘You’ve got to be in it to win it’, well that applies to the businesses running social media competitions as much as it does the overall winners. Businesses love growing their database and fans love the friendly offering of prizes so, it’s a win-win situation! The sharing opportunities alone are a great way to grow your fan base. Often, when someone enters a competition on social media, they’ll share it with a specific friend or their entire friends list.  Continue reading “Why do so many businesses run social media competitions?”