Social Media Competition Mistakes – Don’t Make Them!

On a daily basis we come across business running competitions on their social media pages. Some have completely nailed it whereas others, bless them, have failed from the minute they posted the competition.

Here are the top 10 social media competition mistakes we see everyday:

  1. Forgetting to ask your entrants to like your page – what’s the point of running a competition if you aren’t going to get your entrants to hang around for future posts and content?
  2. Terms and conditions. Yes, we know they’re super boring but they’re also super important. It’s pretty much the law to include a closing date but so many forget this vital piece of info.
  3. Sharing – don’t get us wrong, getting people to share your content is a great way to get your page out there to the masses BUT did you know, specifically asking entrants to share your page is against Facebook rules?
  4. Prizes are key, a naff prize and people won’t bother entering. Once you’ve chosen your prize please do include a picture. There’s nothing worse than a boring competition post. You want your competition to be a success right?
  5. Choosing a fake winner is NOT cool. If you’re going to run a competition do it honestly. Don’t pick your mum or your best mate as the winner. You will get found out and you will be shamed, trust me, I’ve seen it happen so many times. It embarrasses me seeing the scandal unleash.
  6. Don’t be too generous. We want you to be successful but we also want you to invest sensibly. Offering 6 bottles of wine as a prize will undoubtedly bring you as many entrants as a dozen bottles. We’ve advised on this hundreds of times.
  7. Don’t be a poor loser. If your competition didn’t go as well as it should’ve still stand proud. Judge your competition on the close date and pick your winner. DON’T announce that due to lack of entrants you’re not honouring the prize, that just isn’t cool.
  8. Pick your winner carefully. Double and triple checked that all entries have been made correctly. If they haven’t followed your instructions then don’t add them to the ‘hat’. There’s nothing worse than picking a winner who hasn’t adhered to the rules. You will get busted, and outed on your page by other entrants. It happens a lot.
  9. Remember to send the prize. If you fail to honour a prize once your business could be reported for failing to adhere to the CAP code. Trust me when I say it won’t do your image any good.
  10. Do announce your winner properly. Tweet it, post it to your Facebook page….whatever….just make sure you remember to tell everyone who entered who won! You’ll be bombarded with messages and comments if you don’t.

Hopefully this little list will go with the other helpful resources we’ve given you to run your social media competitions.

There was the social media competition templates.

Then there was the handy step-by-step infographic.

If all else fails though, don’t panic! Social media competitions are our thing. We create, run and advise on them everyday. We talk to businesses of all shapes and sizes on the best method and strategy for their desired outcome. We can turn tired social media audiences into thriving lists of people just itching to know more about you and your services.

What are you waiting for? Give us a shout so we can make the magic happen.

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Social Media Competition Mistakes

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