How To Run A Competition On Facebook

If you’re an active Facebook user you’re bound to of come across hundreds of competitions from businesses looking to promote their pages. If you haven’t then you’ve must have some kind of competition dodging superpowers! If you want to grow your business then take a read of How To Run A Competition On Facebook. 

These are the 3 main reasons why a company should look to run a competition on Facebook

  1. To grow their Facebook audience
  2. To grow their database
  3. To launch a new product or service

Let’s break each of these points down:

  1. To grow their Facebook audience – gaining an audience for a Facebook business page isn’t an easy task. By running a competition they are creating a way to showcase their product or service. The people who enter will have to complete a task, whether that be a comment or liking a post on the page – there are lots of options. The benefit of this to the business running the competition is; if they have the right strategy in place then this new audience can be marketed in the future.
  2. To grow their database – linking a Facebook competition to a website is one way to gain valuable email addresses from entrants. All businesses understand the value of a database. Being able to add a new chunk of names and email addresses to an existing list is promising for future marketing campaigns.
  3. To launch a new product or service – businesses with an existing audience often have huge successes by launching a new product or service on Facebook first. The current audience are already familiar with the business, may already use their existing products or services therefore a launch of something within the same niche is going to be relevant to them.

Running a competition on Facebook isn’t hard but it has to be done right. We see, on a daily basis, competitions that have flopped or haven’t even got off the ground. It is disappointing, as the business running the competition is running it for a reason but they are failing at the starting block. Companies contact us all the time, asking us to work with them on their competitions, this is great, but sometimes it can be a difficult task if the competition has already started. It is better if we start from scratch.

These are our top tips for How To Run A Competition On Facebook

How To Run A Competition On Facebook

The key to a successful Facebook competition is promotion. If you have a non existent or limited audience then the chances are it isn’t going to attract the numbers you are expecting, unless you do some work to get it out there! Tweet about it to your Twitter audience, ask your friends to share it and email your database with a link included so they can enter but make sure you have followed out How To Run A Competition On Facebook info-graphic first!

As the social media competition experts we have lots of contacts in the industry who can promote your competition. A competition we have running at the moment for a client, at the time of writing this, has received 1131 entries! How amazing is that? If you think you need help getting your competition out there then we would love to work with you.

In the meantime, why not sign up for our social media competition templates? They’re free and will give you examples of text to use when running your own competition, how you should lay it out and what you should include in your terms and conditions. Click here and they’ll be in your inbox in minutes.

We’d love to hear from you regarding your successes when running a competition on Facebook. Maybe you have had a bad experience or something didn’t go right in the past? Let us know in the comments.

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