Competition Service Offer

Thank you for your purchase! You’re now well and truly on your way to social media competition success!! Whooohooooooooo. High fives all round.

You probably know that social media, if not done correctly can be very time consuming. Have you got the time, honestly, to really concentrate on it properly? If your day is already jam packed with admin, customer calls, sales, emails blah blah blah then you definitely need our help!

We run an amazing service where we can create, launch and manage your social media competitions for you!
So, that means you’ve got free time to concentrate on other areas of your business whist your social media audiences grow and grow and grow from our hard work.

Sound interesting?

It should do because we are doing one of the hardest tasks out there. Growing audiences on Facebook, Twitter and the rest is time-consuming stuff. It can take months to get a decent following but we can take the stress away from you and get it done without you having to lift a finger.

This is what some of our previous customers have to say about us:

We can do exactly the same for you!!!!

Just think what you’ll do with the audience we gather for you;

• They’ll see your regular updates
• You can target them with adverts and offers
• They’ll see your products and services
• Interact with you and your brand.

Let’s face it. A business without an audience isn’t great, being successful is a harder slog without an audience keen to know more about you and what you’re offering.


No matter the size of your existing audience it can always do with being larger, right?

Fresh ears and eyes on your products or services is exactly what your business needs!

Don’t worry about finding the time to launch your first competition. Upgrade your purchase NOW so we can do it for you!

We will introduce your competition to your existing social media audience, we’ll write the copy so it is unique to your brand and the service or product you’re offering. We will post it on your chosen social media platform and we will promote it to 1000’s of potential new audience members. So, if your business is targeted at the *UK market then it’s perfect for you.


You’re probably now thinking “I can do this myself, I’ve got your Top 10 Tips and I’ve purchased your competition templates”, yes, you’re right, you have the tools but do you have the time to promote your competition?

There’s no point just posting your competition on your social media page and leaving it there. Why? Because you’ll get your existing audience to hopefully enter BUT what about new people, those fresh ears and eyes I mentioned earlier?

A competition can only be a great success if you promote it!


With our top-secret industry contacts, we can tell 1000’s of your potential future customers all about your competition and we can tell them exactly where to find you.

You’ll see working results within 24 hours of your competition launch and we just know you’ll have a huge grin on your face for the rest of the competition duration as you see those results coming in.

Don’t forget we will…..

  • Introduce your competition to your existing social media audience
  • Write the copy so it is unique to your brand and the service or product you’re offering.
  • Post it on your chosen social media platform
  • Promote it to 1000’s of potential and price-less new audience members*
*Sorry, just got to get this out of the way…..This service is only beneficial to your business if you offer your products or services to the UK market regardless of where in the world you are based. Please note that if you are based outside of the UK then you must be prepared to dispatch any physical prize to a UK address at your own expense.

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