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Yep, there is Big News At Yolk This Week……..I now work FULL TIME on the business! I cannot tell you how much of a relief this. Phew, it feels amazing to tell you all.

As you know, we (me and my husband Simon) decided to start a business, the day after our wedding last year! We meant what we said and within a week of returning from our wedding, we had clients – ignore the fact we didn’t have a website OR a business name, we like to do things back to front. 

We’ve literally put every waking hour (when we haven’t been at our full time jobs) into Yolk-Marketing. We were lucky enough to have a Christmas break, although it was less a break and more….sit in front of our lap tops into the small hours stuffing our faces with chocolate. BUT, it gave us the time to get so much done.

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Fast forward to the new year and we had a plan. I was going to work until June full time in my crappy office job and Simon was going to leave his job in March and move over to Yolk full time. Well, remember earlier I said how we like to do things back to front, we did it again! I couldn’t hack my crappy job any longer, working somewhere where I was undervalued to the point of being ignored was affecting my state of mind, so I quit. I had no contract – their mistake, so I was able to leave immediately. I have now been working full time, on Yolk for just over 1 week and I absolutely love it!

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Our other big news is…..Simon has changed his contract and as of his 40th Birthday (early March) he will be changing to part time hours so he can spend more time on our business. He will then phase out of his job completely and be working full time on Yolk too, by June. How exciting!

Having the extra time to spend on our business has been amazing. I have been able to work on our website, none of it was SEO friendly so I have put that right, I have also added a long overdue pricing page. The fact I have been able to also write two blog posts in less than a week is a definite high five moment. There’s more where they came from too, I literally have a list of about 30 blog topics to keep you, our lovely audience up to date and confident with all things social media for your business.

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A big achievement for me this past week or so is actually emailing businesses, to introduce myself and offer assistance with their social media pages. I never had the time to do that before, what if they wanted to talk to me when I was at my crappy day job? That’s not an issue anymore and I am pleased to say that my clients, old and new, love the fact I am available during the day to chat. We still do communicate with some of our foreign clients via whats app and Skype messenger but having communication choices is so much better for everyone!

There are lot of exciting things due to happen at Yolk over the next few weeks. There are lots of competitions in the pipeline for our clients, with some fabulous prizes which will ensure their audience levels grow substantially. We have an old client who went on a hiatus, coming back to us with a website launch. An existing client, who has just opened a 2nd business is bringing that to Yolk too so we’ll be managing the social media accounts for him – 6 in total! Not forgetting Simon’s big 40th Birthday – we’ll be skiing in France for that one (we’ll take some pics, promise) and so much more!

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If you want to get in touch, now is the time, we are raring to go and excited to have new clients come on board. Don’t let our upcoming skiing trip put you off, we embrace the laptop lifestyle and work from anywhere in the world. We’ll be happy to chat as long as you don’t mind us sipping on hot chocolates at the same time!


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