6 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Be On Every Social Media Platform Going

Only be everywhere on social media if you have the time and expertise to manage your business properly. Choose which social media platform is right for you and your business.

When you start a business or a blog it can be easy to assume that to get the most coverage you need to be on every social media platform ever. Sadly this isn’t always the case and it can do more harm than good.

These are the 6 reasons why you should take a moment to decide whether you’ve fallen into that trap:

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  1. If you haven’t got the knowledge of how each and every social media platform works then trying to appear on all of them is going to be a huge challenge. An uphill struggle or swimming against the current are the analogies that come to mind.Social media management
  2. Time is precious, there are so many elements to running a business and social media is just one of them. You could easily find yourself spending all day just trying to learn your way around 1 platform, let alone all of them. Plus, it is so easy to get distracted. One minute you’re optimising your Facebook page, the next you’re looking at your next door neighbours brother’s, work colleagues wedding pictures. Woahhh, where did the time go?

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  3. Once you have familiarised yourself with how all the platforms work you’ve then got to post content. Yep, sadly it isn’t as simple as announcing – hey I’m here on Facebook/Twitter/Instagram and leaving it at that. You really need to post, and I mean everyday!Social media management4. Don’t forget there are many reasons why you want to appear on social media but the main point is to grow an audience. There is no point just creating a profile and then not having an audience. Social media can be a slow burn and it isn’t easy growing your audience. Luckily we know how to do it quickly but it can take a long old time. We’ve seen social media profiles that are years old that don’t even have an audience!Social media management
    5. Each social media platform is different. Facebook is great for building a dedicated audience that you can engage with. You can really set your tone of voice and have a great relationship with your audience. Twitter is more hectic. Your posts can be forgotten within minutes so it is necessary to do your research and really optimise your profile. Instagram is more visual, if you haven’t got relevant, inspiring and attractive images then I wouldn’t bother. Pinterest is another visual platform but you’re going to have to learn how to really utilise it, it isn’t as simple as just creating pretty boards of tropical destinations and yummy looking recipes. You’re going to need to join groups and be creating eye catching images related to your blog.Social media management
    6. Oh yes, blog, now a blog is so important. If people find your blog then give them the opportunity to share it on social media but you also need to use your blog for social media content. A blog can go a long way – you can really break it down and utilise it many times over for social media content BUT don’t forget to create those all important images that will entice people there.Social media management

The real art to social media is to be able to do it properly. Start with one platform, ace it and then start on a second. If your target market engages with you well and you can see results then you’re doing a good job.

If you’ve already got an account on every social media platform going then scale back. There is no harm in this at all. If you feel you cannot give 100% to any of your pages maybe they are all suffering. Choose the one you are most comfortable with – whether that’s your knowledge of the platform or the audience you have there already – and make it AMAZING! Then you can pick up where you left off with your other accounts.

Social media management

Don’t forget, being a business owner doesn’t mean you have to know everything about everything. There is no shame in admitting that you need help. We are freelancers. Businesses hire us all the time to manage their social media accounts. It means we can take the reigns and do what we do best which then means you now have time to do what you do best – run your business without stressing about social media anymore! I mean, what do we know about book keeping? It’s exactly the same, we know N-O-T-H-I-N-G so we employ a freelancer to do that for us. Everyone’s happy that way, even the tax man!



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