Won’t It Just Be Compers Entering My Competition?

The number 1 question we are asked, all the time, is ‘won’t it just be armchair compers entering my competition’.

Have you thought the same? Has it put you off running a competition on social media?

It shouldn’t. Continue reading “Won’t It Just Be Compers Entering My Competition?”

Social Media Competition Mistakes

Social Media Competition Mistakes – Don’t Make Them!

On a daily basis we come across business running competitions on their social media pages. Some have completely nailed it whereas others, bless them, have failed from the minute they posted the competition.

Here are the top 10 social media competition mistakes we see everyday: Continue reading “Social Media Competition Mistakes – Don’t Make Them!”

How To Run A Facebook Competition

You’ve probably realised by now that we know our stuff when it comes to running social media competitions. How to run a Facebook competition is something we get asked A LOT.

To make things super easy for everyone, we’ve created a handy infographic – I say we, Simon had nothing to do with it, it was all me 🙂 I’m the creative one! Continue reading “How To Run A Facebook Competition”

Get More Likes On Facebook

Get More Likes On Facebook

Thinking about how you can get more likes on Facebook? Dreaming about epic retweet numbers? Read on….

Have we told you about the time we grew a customers Facebook audience from just 10 to over 500 in two weeks?  Continue reading “Get More Likes On Facebook”